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"Nosotras te vamos a mostrar nuestro coche."

Translation:We are going to show you our car.

January 18, 2013



i think "we will show you our car" shouldn't be translated as "nosotras te vamos a mostrar nuestro coche" it should be translated as " nosotras te mostraremos nuestro coche" i'm spanish native speaker and i have plenty of issues in duolingo with the will and the going to -.- i know it has the same meaning but they literally don't translate the same


Shouldn't it be "nuestra"?


"Nuestro" applies here to the gender of the car (coche), which is always masculine. While "Nosotras" (we-feminine) changes based on the gender of the group being referred to, the adjective "our" changes based on the gender of the object it is referring to.


I protest using a male voice saying "nosotras". It isn't natural and it is misleading.


Totally agree Laura. For what it's worth I've just posted a request in the general forum for DL to have a look at this: It's HERE


Why can't it be "We're GONNA show you our new car"? Why does it have to be "going to"? Aren't they the same? O.o


If you want to type less use 'we will' or 'I will' for vamos and voy. 'Gonna' isn't something you should ever write down unless you're quoting someone.


"Gonna" can never be the correct term because it is not gramatically correct in either American or British english.


Got this correct, but the subject (nosotras, we women, for example) threw me for a second.


the computer sounded like i wrote it


We're going to show you our new car not accepted?

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