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"You are borrowing a phone from me."

Translation:Pożyczasz ode mnie telefon.

February 27, 2016



it is a special form of "od" that survived only before "mnie", and in "Our Father" prayer where "deliver us from evil" is "wybaw nas ode złego"


Pożyczacie telefon ode mnie is also correct!!


Why is "pożyczacie telefon ode mnie" wrong?


Added now. It emphasizes the 'from me' part, but that's of course correct.


Is it ever OK to use "z" instead of ode?


No. Firstly, it would be rather unpronouncable (if there's a context where it would make sense, it would be "ze mnie" anyway), secondly... no, it wouldn't make any sense.


What about borrowing a book from the library? Must it then be "z (biblioteki)", could it also be "od"?


It has to be "z". I guess "z" is from a place and "od" from a person.


How can you tell that the 'you' is singular? It doesn't change in english but affects the answer... 'pożyczasz' and 'pożyczacie' are singular and plural right?


Yes, you are right about which is which. As for the first question... you don't. English is ambiguous, and Duolingo sentences are just something that's taken out of context. So in 99% of the sentences, both singular 'you' and plural 'you' are equally probable and will both be starred answers. And in 1% or less something else in the sentence will specify it.


Why is "pożyczasz ode mnie komurka" not accepted? A phone can be a cell phone too, right?


It would be komórkę.

The sentences always seem to want telefon when the English translation says 'phone'; komórka is only correct when the sentence specifically says 'cellphone'. Don't know why, though. I've just got used to it.


I'd say that in 2019, when we say "phone" we almost always mean a cellphone, and that makes the word "komórka" getting less and less common, the need for distinction isn't very big nowadays.


"Pozyczasz komórkę ode mnie" should also be accepted then (i reported) :)


Is the audio for pożyczasz broken for anyone else?


Both voices sound fine to me...


Pożyczasz ode mnie komórkę?


Well, as almost every phone nowadays is a cell phone... ok, added.


Why the hell isn't normal od acceptable? In something like the Lord's prayer I can understand an archaism but in modern conversation it seems an anachronism since it is only used with mnie. in short od should surely be accepted


Just because it's only used with mnie, it's an archaism? Logically speaking, this conclusion doesn't follow the premise. "Ode" is mandatory here.


Borrow from вроде как фразовый глагол. Заимствовать. Зачем тогда ode? По моему, лишнее. Или я не прав?


Borrow from is not a phrasal verb. It would also be correct to say: "You are borrowing the phone". The verb will still have the same meaning, but the sentence will lack the information who you borrowed it from.

Pożyczać is ambigious the same way одалживать is. If you want to make it clear that you are in fact borrowing and not lending, you must add od(e) + (provider of the item).

In Russian you would basically do the same thing: Ты одалживаешь у меня телефон.

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