"I'm Sioned."

Translation:Sioned dw i.

February 27, 2016

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Why is it not? "Sioned ydw I" is it the differentiation in the dialect?


"Ydw" would be wrong here since ydw is not the same as dw i.


We were taught "Name ydw i"/"Name ydy fy enw i" in my school, what's the difference?

Edit: Ellis was right about "Name ydy fy enw i"


Well it might be in some dialects but I have never seen ydw/yw used in the emphatic. Also it should be "Name ydy/yw fy enw i" for the second one you put. Ydw is only used for the first person.


Yeah, I think you're right about the ydw fy enw i. I expect it's dialect with the emphatic, but I'll check my old notes when I get home to make sure I'm not misremembering.

Edit: Yeah, checked, we were taught "Name ydw i" in my school in South Wales.


I think it's a difference in dialect, we were taught "Sioned ydw i" in my school.

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