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Doubt in Welsh (Days)

Helo! I had recently begun my Welsh tree and am absolutely loving it! :) Today, when I was trying out Days, I came across a note that said Monday morning can also be written as Bore Llun (with omitting the Dydd), Monday afternoon can be written as Prynhawn Llun (again omitting the Dydd). However, the note didn't mention the same for evening and night. So, must I write Monday night as Nos dydd llun? (or, can the Ddyd be omitted once again?)

Also, is there a Welsh word for evening as I haven't come across it yet.

February 27, 2016



The proper/more archaic way is "bore dydd llun", however "bore llun" is much more common. But when you're referring to the actual DAY e.g. It is monday you used "dydd". Also similar to Irish, Welsh doesn't distinguish between night and evening so "nos gwener" is Friday evening/night


Not sure if "bore dydd Llun" etc is more archaic... I've certainly never come across it being archaic. Geiriadur yr Academi note: "pob bore Llun" for 'every Monday morning'. Similarly, "nos Lun" is given as "Monday night", and occasionally "nos dydd Llun". Can you provide a reference? If not, I'd hold back on saying "this is how it is" :P

Also, it's "nos Wener" because nos is feminine :)


noswaith is a common word for 'evening'.

For 'xxxday evening/night', though, we use (note the mutations after nos, a feminine noun):

nos Lun

nos Fawrth

nos Fercher

nos Iau

nos Wener

nos Sadwrn

nos Sul


Diolch!! Have a lingot :)


Monday night is nos Lun.


Thanks for the information!! :)

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