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  5. "Es ist nicht unsere."


"Es ist nicht unsere."

January 18, 2013



Can anyone explain why it is "unsere", not "unser"? I thought "unsere" was for feminine or plural. Thanks.

[deactivated user]

    It's "unsere" because it refers to a feminine noun in the singular.

    • Es ist nicht unserer. (masculine, singular)

    • Es ist nicht unsere. (feminine, singular)

    • Es ist nicht unseres. (neuter, singular)

    • Es sind nicht unsere. (all genders, plural)

    http://goo.gl/extJd (see "not attributively, without article")


    I thought "es" was only neuter singular O_o


    same question... now I'm confused


    The word "unsere" in this sentence is not referring to "es," but something else that you would have to gather from context.

    [deactivated user]

      @sayreC: I did mean "not attributively, without article". As far as "es" is concerned, this should help clear things up:

      "When it is used as an impersonal subject (or predicative) with sein, the pronoun es can refer to singular and plural nouns of all three genders"


      The same principle applies to "das".


      But in this context, there is no way to know whether it refers to a feminine/ a masculin or a neutral eh? Or is it?


      Nevermind, I'm totally wrong and that makes no sense. christian's link I guess is right, but I think he meant to say "not attributively, with article". Like nata.ao suggested.


      I think because "ours" translates as "unsere". Same as in English you will say: ex: "it is not our cat/dog/...", if you can specify, but if you can't you would say "it is not ours", so "es ist nicht unsere". Maybe someone can explain better.

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