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  5. "Són quatre gats."

"Són quatre gats."

Traducción:Son cuatro gatos.

February 27, 2016

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¿También se usa como cuando en castellano se dice "son cuatro gatos" para que decir que es una cantidad de personas sin importancia?


Duo está siendo desdeñoso.


Qué son pocos Que son pocs


This one is tricky: In Catalan the number four is often used to say some or a few. So don't expect there to be exactly four.


It's not exactly like that hahaha I don't speak Catalan, but Spanish is my first tongue, and we have that phrase too, "cuatro gatos". It's not like cuatro in Spanish or quatre in Catalan mean some or few, which don't!, but it's just some typical expression, like "raining cats and dogs" or "there's an elephant in the room" in English, for instance


Interesting, thanks.

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