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Best languages for travel

I love traveling, and I want to know your opinion about the most useful languages when it comes to travel. Here are my pick :


Of course, english is the most useful language when it comes to travel. If you are in a foreign country and you don't speak the language, english might be the solution.


With most of the Americas speaking Spanish including popular destinations like Mexico, Cuba, Argentina etc, spanish is really useful. You can find spanish speakers everywhere. In Europe, Spain is one of the most visited countries.


In third position, I would put Russian. It is really useful because you might find the help you need in Amsterdam speaking english but when it comes to Russia and you don't speak the languages, good luck using the subway! Also, a lot of the ex - USSR countries speak Russian as a second language.


Mandarin is the english of Asia. Countries like Malaysia, Singapour speak mandarin in their daily life. Chances of finding someone speaking Chinese in Asia is pretty high.


If you want to visit Europe or Africa, French might be the best language you want to try. A lot of african countries speak french as their native language. Even countries like Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon speak French.


Feeling like discovering the middle East and Egypt ? Arabic might be a great choice. If you speak MSA you can visit Saudi Arabia, UAE and north african countries if you want.


Even if most of german speakers can only be found in central Europe, Germany, Switzerland and Austria are popular tourist spots. Like spanish, it is not uncommon to find someone who is able to speak German.


Last but not least, portuguese is a really important language in South America but also worldwide. Brazil holds more than half of south america's population and it is huge. Portugal in Europe is also really attractive.

What languages might come handy while traveling ?

February 27, 2016



It really depends on how much time you plan to spend in a given country or region. And what you plan to do while there.

Sure some languages can get you by but there will be a lot you miss that you don't even realize. And only so well you will get to know the people and their cultures.


I'd add Hindi. Firstly, India is a big country, and Hindi is used as "international" language there, and secondly, knowledge of Hindi can help with some other languages and in some other countries. Actually, Indian communities are everywhere, so it's not only about travels to Asia.


Portuguese is also spoken in parts of Africa and Asia. It's the 5th largest language in the world. I recommend learning it, I've found it to be a very handy and beautiful language!


Spanish and French


I agree with the list.

If you are very interested in India, Hindu is a good option too, as already mentioned (but it is not essential because English is spoken by many Indians).

IMHO Arabic is the trickiest because you have to learn MSA (official Arabic used in writing) and at least one dialect (used in spoken language). These dialects are pretty different from MSA and among themselves (analogous to the difference between French and Spanish) . I doubt that you will be able to talk/understand somebody in North Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabi only with MSA.


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