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  5. "Arabayı sağda görüyorum."

"Arabayı sağda görüyorum."

Translation:I see the car on the right.

February 27, 2016



Why not "I'm seeing the car on the right"?


" to see" is a stative verb, which is a set of verbs that normally do not take the present continuous in English. in 99% of contexts, what you wrote would sound quite strange to many native speakers.


Well, what about, "I see the car at the right."? Reported.


Just sounds wrong in English....(native speaker).


What about this construction indicates that we'd use a definite article in English, and not an indefinite one? (I wrote: I see a car on the right...)


You need to look for the accusative sufix at the end of the word, in this case "araba" (car) becomes "arabayı" (the car). You can find out more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Accusative

Hope to have been helpful, cheers!


Yes, thank you!


It would be "sağda (bir) araba görüyorum". (car is unkown here) Arabayı sağda görüyorum (the car)


if I were to say: sağdaki arabayı görüyorum

would it mean the same thing?


It would have the same translations but a different meaning. It would be something like "I saw the car on the right side (as opposed to the car on the left side)."

The sentence above would mean something like "I saw the car on the right side (as opposed to on the left)."


"sağdaki arabayı görüyorum" I see the car that is on the right (which means there'd be another for example on the left or and it'd indicate that the car is unkown) (I'm a native teacher I just got curious about the dilemas and mistakes)


How would you say: "I see the right side of the car"?


What about: arabanın sağını görüyorum...

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