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  5. "Do you want an animal?"

"Do you want an animal?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau anifail?

February 27, 2016



"Dach chi eisiau anifail" is marked wrong for me. Not sure why considering it's a Northern Welsh variant. I'd like to think this course isn't Southern biased?


Dach chi eisiau anifail? Dych chi isio anifail? Dych chi eisiau anifail? What is the difference between the three correct answers? Why are they all correct (and not just the 3rd one, as I assumed)? Why can you say 'dach chi' and 'dych chi'? How does 'isio' differ from 'eisiau'?


I think it was something to do with Northern Welsh and Southern Welsh...


"Isio" is interchangable with "Eisiau" (doesn't matter what part of Wales). Dach and Dych depend on the part of Wales (Dych is southern, Dach is northern).

Hope this helps!


Great, thanks!


Of course, thank you!


I put dych chi'n eisiau anifail and it said that was incorrect, dych chi'n moyn anifail was correct - first time I've heard of that


'n eisiau is not correct in this context -- the system accepts either eisiau without the yn ('n) or yn moyn ('n moyn) with the yn.

Unfortunately, the system is often not very clever about providing the appropriate correction when someone makes a mistake.

Rule of thumb: don't use yn together with angen or eisiau.

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