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  5. "Fi sy 'ma."

"Fi sy 'ma."

Translation:It is me here.

February 27, 2016



So how would you say the non-emphatic "I'm here"? For example, you walk in the house after work and announce that you're home. "Dw i'n 'ma?" or is it more complicated than that? Or similarly, you're looking for the cat and when you find her you call through to the others looking for her that she's here: "Mae'r gath yn 'ma"?


"I'm here" would be "Dw i (y)ma". No "yn" is needed since "yma" is a preposition and prepositions don't take "yn". "Mae'r gath (y)ma" would be the other sentence you gave.


It's actually an adverb but the same principle applies. If you edit your comment and reply to mine I will delete mine and your reply will disappear as well.


Would "Here I am" be a possible translation? I mean, it's normal English, but does it say the same thing as the Welsh sentence? What do native Welsh-speakers think?


I'd get a second opinion to mine, but I would translate "Here I am" as something like "Dyma fi".


Diolch! So maybe "Fi sy 'ma" would strictly speaking best be translated by something like "It's ME", i.e. not someone else, but it is difficult to fit "here" into the English expression, unless one says "It's me who's here", which I suppose purists would object to! Sorry to be so finicky!


Yeah I personally wouldn't have though translate as "I am here" instead I would only think to translate it as "It's me". I would use "Fi sy 'ma" if I were to go into a room and somebody asked "Pwy sy 'na" (Who is it).


Another opinion if you want it - I'm a native Welsh speaker. I gave the answer "It's me here" which was accepted, and sounds like fairly natural English to me.


That makes it much clearer, at least to me! I think I may have put "It's me" as my answer, but I'm not sure. Anyway, Duolingo counted it as wrong, whatever it was!


Yes, I put "it is me", but it seems it doesn't mean that. Oh well.

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