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"La partida"

Translation:The departure

January 18, 2013



The last few questions all dealt with elections... so naturally I am thinking about politics when "la partida" comes up, lol. Apparently "the party" was not acceptable though.


"La partida" has nothing to do with party, political or otherwise. the verb "partir" is "to depart". Partida has another meaning, in the context of games, table games, such as cards, chess and so on. a game of those can be referred as "partida de ..." whilst if it is a field sport, such as football or basketball it is masculine "partido de ...". In the political context, "party" is "partido polĂ­tico", often just "partido", when in context. For completion, a "party" where people dances, exchanges fluids and drinks with some music deafening and in some cases numbing, is a "Fiesta" and a "party of peple" a group of people is referred as "grupo de..." so never go on saying, for the "assault party" "la fiesta de asalto", but "el grupo de asalto".


Yeah, I was laughing at my own dumb mistake.

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