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*Dw i eisiau/angen* and *Dw i'n moyn*

This has come up quite often in various 'Sentence' discussions around wants and needs. Here is a summary of what is going on.

With eisiau/angen there is no yn after the verb. This is a common usage all over Wales. It is an exceptional construction with these two nouns when used is this way:

  • Dw i eisiau car newydd (I want a new car)
  • Dw i angen car newydd (I need a new car)

But, using the verb-noun moyn, as found in some regions of Wales:

  • Dw i'n moyn car newydd (I want a new car) - 'n/yn is required in the usual way because moyn/mofyn/ymofyn is a verb-noun (wanting/to want).

In some more formal text you will occasionally see a construction which explains what might be going on with the nouns eisiau and angen :

  • Dw i ag eisiau lifft - (literally 'I am with a want of a lift')
  • Mae e ag angen arian - (he is with a need of money)

and perhaps what has happened is that the expressions are so common that the â/ag has been dropped from common colloquial usage (and so Duo does not accept the construction with ag ).

A more common, more formal construction with eisiau and angen is with the use of ar:

  • Mae angen cymorth cyntaf ar Dewi (Dewi needs some first aid)
  • Mae eisiau mwy o arian arna i (I want more money)
February 27, 2016



Thank you! This helps.


Ahh! The origin with â makes sense to explain how "dw i eisiau" would work grammatically.

Thank you very much! Go raibh maith agat! Diolch yn fawr! Gromerci dhis!

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