"Zawodnik biegnie do bramki."

Translation:The player is running to the goal.

February 27, 2016



Why is "do bramki" translated "to the goal" and not "to the net"

February 27, 2016


Because "bramka" means literally: "a little gate", so you may translate this word as "a goal", "a tagret" etc. "Siatka" means literally: "a net", but a player cannot run to a net, it sounds weird in Polish. You can say: "Piłka wpadła do siatki" - "A ball fell into a net", but it sounds weird in English, on the other hand. I think this translation above is correct.

March 27, 2016


ah ok thank you!

December 30, 2016


'The player is running to goal' is more typically spoken if that person is involved in the game.

January 14, 2019


"The player runs/is running toward the goal"?

August 10, 2019
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