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"I want to learn Engl"?

In the settings page, when I click on the language dropdown, I get stuff like "I want to learn French", "Je veux apprendre l'anglais", etc.

One of these is for Russian-speakers learning English, and it has an amusing error. It says: "Я хочу учить Английск (Я знаю Русск)" which roughly means "I want to learn Engl (I know Russ)".

Aside from that it has two more errors: 1) Like in French, language names in Russian are lowercase. 2) It is unnatural (possibly wrong) in Russian to use "I know" for a language, instead you would generally use "I speak" ("Я говорю по ...")

December 28, 2013

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Thanks for this feedback! I'll relay it to the English from Russian team :)

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