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  5. "É o Papai Noel!"

"É o Papai Noel!"

Translation:It is Santa Claus!

December 28, 2013



o Papa Noel =! the Santa Claus? Why?


O Papai Noel would literally translate into the father of Christmas, which is a title, not really a name. His English name is Santa Claus, not the Santa Claus, because you don't put an article in front of names in English. Did that answer your question?


Although, in Portuguese, we do use articles before names!! :)


Yes, we do, although that is grammatically incorrect (and that is why in literature and formal texts we do not use articles before names). On the other hand, it would sound really weird not to use articles before names in speech and messaging nowadays.


Really? It is grammatically incorrect in literature and formal texts?? I had no idea. I'm so used to using them. XD

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Papai Noel is not trasnlated as "father of Christmas" (at least not in today's Portuguese), its "Noel Daddy" or "Daddy Noel".


It should be "Papai Noel." You can hear the "i" in "Papai" if you play the audio slowly. In European Portuguese, we call him "Pai Natal," literally "Father Christmas," as the British say.


Only English people say 'Father Christmas', not all British people. In Scotland everyone says Santa Claus.


Ah! I understand. Haha, thank you for clarifying and decimating my ignorance once more. :) Quite interesting the different naming traditions from populations that live on the same British isle. Que você tenha um feliz Natal e um próspero Ano Novo!! :D


Ha ha no problem! Feliz Natal!

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