"She would not"

Translation:Fasai hi ddim

February 28, 2016

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What makes fasai negative?


The soft mutation, I think. As opposed to "Basai".


You are right. I reviewed the whole unit and start to see the pattern. Thank you! :D

I'm still at a loss when coming to mutations. :/


Actually there isn't enough context here to say that it is negative. "(Mi) fasai" would be a positive statement, "Ni fasai" or "(Mi) fasai hi/fo ddim" would be a negative statement and "Fasai" could be a question. It needs more to it to make it definitely a negative statement.


Dioch! I remember having seen it being used in a positive sentence while I was learning this skill, but I was not sure. When I reviewed it today, all sentences with fasai were negative. I almost believed that it had the negative sense built in. So thank you very much for the explanation. It is clear to me now. ^^

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