"Wino, proszę."

Translation:Wine, please.

February 28, 2016

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Is "please" the literal translation of prosze? When learning a language, I always want to know the structure and origin of the words I'm learning :) Thank you in advance!


"Proszę" means "I ask (for something)".


Thank you both so much!


It is what we translate "please" to, but it also means I ask for.


Both phrases look very much alike, but "please" is not the literal translation
of "proszę". The phrase could be the polite answer to the waiter's question:

Q: "Can I get you anything (to drink)?" A: "Wino, proszę"/Proszę (cię) o wino

Wine, please/ Proszę (cię) o wino - Wine, please/ I am asking you for wine/
May I have some wine, please/ Some wine, please

It is not obvious here, that "Wino" is in accusative here, but it really has to be, because the verb "to ask for" goes with the accusative - Biernik (kogo? co?):

Since the noun "wino" ends with "o", it is a neuter noun, so the accusative is the same as the nominative - Mianownik (kto? co?). Non animate masculine nouns (ending with the consonant) behave the same way, the feminine ones change the ending from "a" to "ę", though:

Mleko/Piwo, proszę - Milk/Beer, please (neuter nouns)
Chleb/Ser, proszę - Bread/Cheese, please (non animate masculine nouns)
Kawę/Herbatę/Kanapkę, proszę - Coffee/Tea/Sandwich, please (feminine)


is proszę the most polite way to ask for something?


You could also say "Proszę o wino" or "Poproszę o wino". I think "Poproszę o wino" is the most polite one.


These are polite, easy, and popular: May I ask for wine, please? -
Woman or Man - Mogę prosić o wino?/ Czy mogę prosić o wino?

These are a little bit more sophisticated, but difficult to pronounce:
Woman - Mogłabym prosić o wino?/ Czy mogłabym prosić o wino?
Man - Mógłbym prosić o wino?/ Czy mógłbym prosić o wino?


now I know why the the reader doesnt pronounce the ogolnik ę!!! so you learn the grammar!! well done duolingo- now please post some rules for the next part of the course starting with plurals!!


The lector is poor. Even in slow mode she doesn't pronounce ę corectly.


A politer answer (and unacceptable here) is: Please, may I have some wine.



.... or even some wine please



Sounds more like an offer than a request (which would be: "Poproszę wino"). When you give/offer something you say "proszę", but when you ask for something you'd rather use "poproszę".


I thought its po prosze wino


It’s both, but it’s one word
poproszę wino”
But both options are correct
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