February 28, 2016

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When do you use kawa vs kawe?


"Kawa" is Nominative form. "Kawę" is Accusative form, for example: "Piję [kogo? co?] kawę"
(I am drinking [whom? what?] coffee).


you should start reading existing comments.

Kawa - is nominative singular form - one that is shown in dictionaries, written on labels, receipts and menu, it is a form that is used when the word is used as subject of the sentence.

Kawę - (with "tail", there is no such word as "KAWE") is accusative singular form. It is used as direct object of most verbs in positive sentence.

For example "Piję kawę"= I am drinking coffee, Poproszę kawę- Coffee, please (literally "I will ask for coffee")

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