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  5. "Мы ужинаем вдвоём."

"Мы ужинаем вдвоём."

Translation:We eat dinner together.

February 28, 2016



The English sentence says, "Мы ужинаем вместе", whereas the Russian one says, "It's just the two of us who are dining". It can also be used to say, "When we eat dinner, it's just you/he/she and I". So DL is wrong here


The translation

"It's just the two of us who are dining"

is not perfect either.
It translates into Russian as "Только (эти) двое из нас ужинают."
So the translation implies that there are a lot of people, but only two of them are having dinner.
"Мы ужинаем вместе" doesn't have such meaning.


I apologize for raising this out-of-topic issue, but I don't know where else to bring it up. I have a question about the words used for the various meals of the day. My girlfriend, who is a native speaker of Russian and was an English teacher and interpreter in the USSR says that the mid-day meal used to be called второй завтрак, but for the last 30 or 40 years has been ланч. Обед is used for a meal eaten around 5 or 6 o'clock. And ужин is eaten later -- around 8 or 9 o'clock. She translates обед as dinner and ужин as supper.

As for the difference between dinner and supper, let me, as a native speaker of American English, say that, in my home town in Western New York, supper is the evening meal, lunch is the mid-day meal, and dinner is a special meal eaten either at mid-day or later, as in Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Dinner or Birthday Dinner. However, in California, where we now live, the evening meal is dinner, and I never hear anyone say supper.


In the USSR translators of English and American classical literature translated “lunch” as ленч or второй завтрак in accordance with the 19th century tradition. The evening meal was translated as обед in the cases where guests were involved and as ужин otherwise. In modern Russian, ленч has long since been discarded as inaccurate transliteration of lunch, and ланч is only used as part of бизнес-ланч. The midday meal is usually called обед, and the evening meal — ужин. «Второй завтрак» means nothing but “another breakfast”.


Второй завтра - second breakfast! There are hobbits in Russia!


When I was little I used the word supper once and my mother remonstrated me by saying only farmers say "supper." To this day, I haven't gotten that out of my head. We were in borderline flyover USA, ourselves.


Can 'вместе' refer to multiple people and 'вдвоём' only to two?


The general meaning of вдвоём is together but it uses only for two people.


Would "the two of us are having dinner" not be reflecting better the fact that "вдвоём" has been used instead of "вместе". Note that I am not a native english speaker.


That sounds good to me as a native English speaker; rather mischievously I put 'we are having dinner a deux', a French expression, known if not exactly common, in English. needless to say. Duolingo didn't like it!


Would "we are having dinner as a couple" be also accepted? I'm not native, and I'm on the app version which doesn't let me try what I want to try


That expression sounds good to me, and it means pretty much exactly what Dmitri says that the Russian means. Submit it.


If I understand correctly, the phrase 'as a couple' usually implies romantic relationships.


Can "вдвоём" be translated as "twosome"?


already the second task, where they are trying to impose equivalence вдвоем and вместе. But it is not so!

Мы ужинаем вместе do not provoke the question: how much did you gathest there? unlike We eat dinner together You should think over this!


We both are eating dinner ?


No, that would be "Мы оба/обе ужинаем" (for instance, we are both busy eating and neither of us can answer the phone) whereas "Мы ужинаем вдвоём" emphasizes "just the two of us", in other words, it's a private dinner, we don't need company.


Maybe "We both are eating dinner together" would be more precise.


or "We two are eating dinner together"


We are having dinner together


Nice, now I need not ask anything. Your explanation is clear.


Why not "We are eating together?" Doesn't that sound more correct?


The word for “together” is «вместе». The message of «вдвоём» is “We don’t need a third person”.


Two's company, three's a crowd...


Why exactly the "вдвоем"(2 persons)? “Together” - this can be any number.


This is a Russian-to-English exercise, so "вдвоём" is not a translation, but the original version. It is translated to "together" because English doesn't have a more precise term for "two people together".


the accent is on the wrong syllable for ужинаем. accent should be on the first


Мы ужинали вдвоем.

We dined alone


It isn’t just “we”, but the two of us.

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