"Policja szuka ofiar."

Translation:The police are looking for the victims.

February 28, 2016

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The police are looking...


Police is a collective noun and so 'police is' should be accepted


Every grammar source I've seen says that unlike many similar nouns, which can be used either with singular or plural nouns, "police" is undoubtedly plural.


I'm afraid your sources are wrong. Using "police" with a singular verb is perfectly fine, especially in American English, but also in British English (or so my British friend tells me).


I am open to changing my mind if you present reliable sources saying otherwise :)


FWIW, native English speaker here I would never refer to police as a singular noun.

The police officer IS looking for victims.

The police officers ARE looking for victims.

The police ARE looking for victims.

The police force... I could imagine using either IS or ARE to be honest.


I always have this argument with poles that I know. It must be in their books or something.


Yup. There was no valid English translation available in app


Yes, are not is!


I think that is a bad decision. It is NEVER acceptable to say "the police is" in English. Duo should not be accepting incorrect English translations, even if there are a lot of non native speakers that will be confused by this. There are many things in Polish that confuse me, including some issues with collective nouns that aren't collective in English and vice versa. That doesn't mean my ignorance of the language should be accepted by Duo. Would you accept bad Polish from me just because the correct translation confuses me?


No, because we teach Polish here, we don't teach English. Still, of course I understand your point. I deleted the singular options. I worry that the number of reports about "is" form will become high now, but I guess if that's 100% wrong - maybe we shouldn't care.


because we teach Polish here

Yet this course requires using English all the time and then some. Having finished the tree I get laughably small amounts of EN-PL translation tasks during the practice sessions, especially compared to the Polish to English course where I get to type my answers in Polish most of the time and actually practice the language more than I'm allowed in here.


And to piggyback off my rant: I've discovered that local comment sections contain more EN grammar nitpicking than useful info about the target language, and it's actually the reversed course where one can learn more about Polish from the discussions. Go figure.


If you work on your computer you can complete all the exercises using the keyboard. I do it that way and I feel I have improved way more than when I used my cellphone.


Witowt, The "audience" of the Polish to English course is "mature" and so the questions are deeper but they cannot be in Polish, so they end up as "EN grammar nitpicking" as you say. In the other forums, unfortunately, there is a lot of very simple (trying to be nice here) questions and comments, so once you filter those out you can learn something. I found it very entertaining to do a reverse tree, especially reading the comments when I finished my Spanish (for EN) tree and moved onto Spanish for French speakers and it helps me a lot to recover/remember my French.


No reason to delete is considering the fact that English is not the aim but the means. It limits other users and annoys them. English grammar lovers, restrain yourselves.


However, this course also serves as a 'reverse tree' for Polish people learning English, so if something is totally wrong, then it shouldn't be accepted...


The police are looking. Police is looking - is bad English!


OK, all these comments and the Internet forums have persuaded us that "are" is the only version acceptable in proper English. Therefore none other version will be now considered "the best option" and suggested to the learners.

However, we think that the number of non-English-natives that would start reporting versions that treat police as singular could be so high, that we're gonna let it slide and still accept them even though that's not good English. But again, the programme won't suggest it anymore, only accept.


It doesn't accept the singular version any more but in my opinion that's great. It forces me to brush up my English, which was getting a bit sloppy. It confuses me far more often if the accepted translations aren't stringent for each sentence.


This course is like an introductory one to a nationalists vision of Poland. Where is the stuff i could use in conversation, while travelling, in a restaurant. The police have found the victims, they have taken the children away, the lawyer knows the judge...


In American English one would say "The police officer is..." (singular) but when using just "police" it is plural. "Police are...." is always used.


Yup are not is, i stared at it for a while.. XD


"Cops" not accepted?


We usually don't accept colloquialisms. That has its own translation, "gliny" or "gliniarze".


searching ? I find it more acceptable for the police who are presumably making a thorough search


"searching for" works.


Policja szuka/poszukuje ofiar - Police are looking for the victims


Ona poleruje paznokcie, podczas gdy policja przeszukuje jezioro.


Why does require the THE to be correct? The police are looking for victims ... is displayed as wrong. Why? Ty


If you're looking for someone specific, who is already a victim, then only the definite article makes sense. Omitting the article would sound like they aren't victims yet, but as soon as the police find them, they will be.

"The police are looking for victims of fraud." would work in my opinion, because the additional information specifies who the victims are and makes them de-facto definite, even without an article.


And we actually accept lack of "the", I guess that fraud context makes it possible.


Oh, I just noticed, a report, which was probably yours read "The Police IS looking...". I know it's somewhat common, but our native advisers consider it a mistake.

If it were up to me, I would have accepted it, though.


Ok, thx guys. I totally overlooked my IS-error. Sorry for the extra work.

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