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I might be seeing a glitch in the app...

So I've been noticing this glitch for a while in the android app, where the lesson where I am learning a new word will give me a sentence with a new word that doesn't have the option to tap it to see what it means. I don't if this is a glitch in the course design, in the app, or if because I'm at a higher level, I'm meant to use context clues. Anyone have any thoughts? Should I be reporting this somewhere else?

February 28, 2016



It happens sometimes to me and it turns out the connection is not good enough so the app doesn't get enough data to highlight the new word in yellow and load its meaning.

February 28, 2016


This has been happening to me since I updated the app. I just guess what it means then have to answer again at the end if I get it wrong.

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