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"Har hon alltid velat bli brandman?"

Translation:Has she always wanted to become a firefighter?

February 28, 2016



I wrote fireman instead of firefighter and it was marked as an error. Aren't they synonyms in English?


"fireman" is fine, we actually do accept that. Either there was a bug, or you had another error. :)


Kan jag översätter också: Has she always hesitated to become a firefighter?


No, vilja means to ’want’ while ’hesitate’ is tveka.


Thank you! I asked because of "att vela- velar velade- velat". http://desv.dict.cc/?s=vela translates this into "zaudern" in German. So I translated "zaudern" to "hestitate". Now I have looked Swedish- English and find: att vela = to shilly-shally. (I do not know this word) Nevertheless: could there be a confusion with "att vela- velar velade- velat"? What ever it means?


No, you're right. The word vela does mean to hesitate, although it's not perfectly synonymous with tveka. When you velar, it's because you can't choose between two or more options, and you're hesitant to make a choice. For the example sentence, you could say Har hon alltid velat mellan att bli brandman, with the other option - of not becoming a firefighter - being implied.


There is also an adjective for this. A person who "velar" is called "velig" :).


Tack! Nu förstår jag! Åtminstone det här ordet... Och jag kan använda det i en enskild sats: Vi vela att åka till Sverige i veckan efter nästan. Vi är veliga ännu.


Close! Vi velar mellan att åka till Sverige i veckan efter nästa. Vi är veliga ännu.

Although Vi är fortfarande veliga sounds a lot less formal.


Is there no gender neutral word for "firefighter" in Swedish?


brandsoldat is fairly common, and brandbekämpare is rarer but does exist. I'm hopeful the gender-neutral options will overtake brandman eventually.


Has she ever wanted to become a firefighter? sounds a little better, I'd say.


But it doesn't mean the same thing, though.

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