All I have since i signed up yesterday is a homepage with the heading in blue. I can't access any lessons. The homepage I have is completly differant to my partner who signed up today and has immediate access to the page with the black band on the top and learning a language straight away!!! Can anyone help?

December 28, 2013


You have the new design! We're testing it on new users. Your partner will see it soon too. You can still do lessons, right? Just making sure that's not the problem :D

No, Can't do anything!

No way to access the lessons.. My partner is working her way through the lessons on her set up with the black band on the top and flag on the right. This has blueband on the top and flag on the right. Cant get to any lessons..Thanks for replying.

Sorry , i meant to say set up with black band and flag on left...

I see the same problem. I have still the old design, but a friend just signed up now, got the new design and it's not working. It works on my computer (old MacBook white, Safari 6.1.1) if I sign in with her login. It doesn't work from hers (which is a brand new MacBook Pro retina, with Safari). I can't yet tell what's wrong. But it's definitely not usable. Lessons just don't show up...

When you say lessons don't show up- you can't start a lesson? I just impersonated you Funky39 and can access the lessons. What kind of internet connection are you using? There may be an issue there.

I haven't checked thoroughly, but it looks like the html section (a div maybe) where the exercises are to be shown is simply hidden. If the lesson starts with a spoken text, you hear it, but you don't see it. Definitely not an internet connection related issue, because it was on the same one like the other computer.

Thank you Kristinemc, all working now. Logged in on my daughters I Pad and was working fine on there straight away. Came back onto the mac with safari OS X 10.5.8, after trying all day, and it is now working. Maybe an issue with macs Fuoco20. Hope you get it sorted..

Hi Kristinemc. Actually, things still aren't sorted. As I said, I was using the Duolingo app on my daughter's I pad and all was working fine - she's now gone and so it's back to the old mac and the problems continue. I've just logged in, and can see my progress but when I click on a lesson the screen in effect goes blank - and whilst I can hear that I should be either translating or speaking some french words, there's nowhere to type or buttons to click to see what exactly I'm supposed to be doing!! Very frustrating!!

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