"Ten widok jest piękny!"

Translation:This view is beautiful!

February 28, 2016

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I had "This view is pretty," but they didn't take it.


Dictionaries say pretty is "ładny". I've read somewhere that pretty girl prettier than "ładna dziweczyna", that in Polish "ładny" and "piękny" are more distant, but duolingo likes literal translation.


can i say outlook instead of view?


Can piękny be lovely as well? I feel like I say things are lovely far more often than I say they are beautiful and it is stronger than nice by a fair amount.



not if you follow duolingo literal translation rule. (now for me śliczny is less than piękny, and more silly). but you know in real world you can choose for yourself if the view is pretty, lovely, beautiful or nice- and the same is in Polish. Unless you want to say that a view from your window is lovely but from the top of the mountain it's beautiful .


i don't anderstand i wrote " nice" instead of" beautiful". What is the difference ? I thing that lovely is a bit exagerated .


"nice" is really not enough for "piękny".


I said: 'pretty' the translation was: 'lovely' So, WHAT is it? 'beautiful' I think 'pretty' should suffice.


I'm personally not convinced about "lovely", but I am sure that we want to translate "pretty" to "ładny" and "beautiful" to "piękny".


i entered "this sight is beautiful" and it wasn't accepted. Couldn't report because my browser crashed. I think "sight" can always be used as a synonym to "view", so it should be accepted

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