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Latin language on DL?

My opinion is that Latin is not a language that DL can teach, but....why we don't consider a Latin sentence, translate it and talk about it? I could suggest the first one, taken from the Martial's Epigrams (V, 42), that is also the motto (badly translated in English) of the Queen Mary's Grammar School : "Quas dederis solas semper habebis opes". May we try?

February 28, 2016

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1st rule: Latin puts always first the most important (for the Author) word. Here "Quas".....


I own a Latin textbook (Wheelock's, supposedly the best one out there) ... Semper means always.


This is right, but the first step is to find the main verb ("dederis" is linked with "quas". So...) Try to translate it (it's an auxiliary...). Good work!

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