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"L'ingegnere vuole un motore diverso."

Translation:The engineer wants a different motor.

December 28, 2013



" a different engine " has been accepted in all the others exercises, even Duo translated so, but now it is wrong??? That way Duo is not teaching BUT confusing us. Even damaging our English skills.


"The engineer wants a different engine" was accepted July 1, 2021. Maybe there is a typo in your answer that made Duo reject it.


Why can't be "diverso" translated to "another" here? Sorry, I'm not an Englsh native, so the difference between "different" and "another" is not very clear to me. In Russian and Ukrainian we would say "другой мотор"/"інший мотор" for both "different" and "another". Does the "different" mean that engineer wants a motor to replace that one he has, and "another" would mean that he wants one more motor in addition to the present one?


atlas shrugged :-)


Is un ingegnere the kind of engineer who drives trains or the kind of engineer who designs the structure of buildings/electronic circuits/etc., or both?


In Italy, ingenere is used as a title for anyone who has a science degree, as 'dottore' is for those with an arts degree, as well as those who work in various types of engineering so, yes, it covers all sorts of people. In Europe, engineers don't drive trains. Italian for train driver (I believe) is 'macchinista'


Or indeed the guy who comes to mend your washing machine. I'd like to know too.


I don't think l'ingegnere is the train-driving sort of engineer though. I think that's conduttore.


Conductor itself is a different job though.


Well, in English, there's a musical conductor, a bus conductor, and a train conductor (what in the UK used to be known as a guard). I don't know what any of these are in Italian (might the musical one be direttore?), but I doubt any of those are condutorre in Italian.


Ma la pronuncia è sbagliata... The speaking is wrong...


Diverso after the noun is different. Before the noun it means 'various' or 'several'



I wrote engine & it was not accepted but is the suggested meaning. ???


motore in italian means engine in english not motor


Surely motore can mean 'car'. You yourself have been using the word in that sense. Be consistent. Or do you not believe in duality?

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