German Memrise Courses for Duolingo (plus a few others) ... a list designed for beginners

I've seen a few Duolingo users in the German for English speakers course recommend a Memrise course here and there. These posts made me curious about what else Memrise had to offer, so I looked into it and wound compiling a pretty extensive list of free German language courses on Memrise. Rather than keep it to myself, I thought it would share it with other students of German. Each course below has been categorized by heading, hyperlinked to the course, and (with one exception) listed from best to worst. Some have been given the same rating. All courses listed in this post have audio. Links to the full lists (one of courses with audio and one without) will be found at the end of this post. For reasons I won't go into, the links you see below aren't necessarily the best courses I found in each category, so you may want to check out the complete lists.

Memrise Duolingo Courses

With this first category, keep in mind that I only included courses that had "Duolingo" in the title. If you know of other Duolingo courses that missed my attention because the title did not include "Duolingo," please paste a link to them in a post to this discussion.

Comprehensive German Duolingo

Duolingo German

Complete Duolingo German Vocabulary

Duolingo German Vocabulary

Comprehensive Courses

♬ Deutsch Interaktiv A1

5000 words sorted by frequency (strict)

! Easy Polyglot =German

German vocabulary

Courses on Specific Topics

Body Parts


(If you haven't learned this yet, "Farben" is the word for "colors" in German.)

Mein Haus

Clothes - Kleidung

Directions in German


Kochen und Küche

Archies - Y8 - Media and Freetime

Courses Covering a Specific Part of Speech (Noun, Verb, …)

German alphabet +special characters (with audio)

(A bit out of place in this category, but since I did not find many German pronunciation courses I liked, I did not want to create a separate category for it and this seemed like the best place to put it.)

Weiße Liste

Verbs - present tense

Common German Prepositions

German Adjectives SCC Edexcel GCSE

Courses for Conversation

Conversational German #1

THS German in the classroom

Now for the links to the complete lists. Each course listed provides information on users, word count, duration, and other details, and each has been hyperlinked to the course. Courses with sound were rated on the quality and consistency of the audio. You may want to read my notes on how I evaluated the courses first and you can do so by clicking on the link below:

Notes on My Examination of Free German Courses on Memrise

The links to these lists are below:

An Examination of Free German Courses on Memrise ... an examination of courses with audio

An Examination of Free German Courses on Memrise ... an examination of courses without audio

If, by chance, you don't happen to like any on the list, rest assured, Memrise has hundreds, if not thousands, more free courses. And if none of them suit your needs, you can always create your own. Clearly, many have done exactly that, but why recreate the wheel if you don't have to?

Final Note: Though Memrise is a great resource, it isn't quite the same as Duolingo and is not designed to offer you many of the features Duolingo offers. Nevertheless, Memrise is a great supplement to Duolingo and like Bier und Wurst, they make a great pairing.

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