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"Jaki jest budżet na następny rok?"

Translation:What is the budget for the next year?

February 28, 2016



Could jaki jest here also mean how is, in the sense of "How is the budget for next year?" I.e. is it good or bad, is it coming along or are people dragging their feet, etc.?


Technically yes, but it might be better using more specific expressions like „jak oceniasz” (how do you rate/what's your opinion).


That sounds like a terribly useful expression. Thank you.


W pełni zgadzam się z JamesT.Wilson, że odpowiedź „How is the budget for next year?” brzmi doskonale do zaakceptowania ...

I fully agree with JamesT.Wilson, that the answer "How is the budget for next year?" sounds perfectly acceptable ...


Can i say -What is next year's budget- or is that gramatically incorrect?


It is correct and accepted.

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