"Niebieskie krzesło"

Translation:A blue chair

February 28, 2016

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does she really say 'skI' instead of 'skIE,' or is it just me who hears it wrong?


The final 'e' is inauduble to me too.

But most likely Polish natives can a) hear it if it's there, and b) will hear it even if it's NOT there.

Because the brain will automatically (in nano-seconds) take into account any additional info and "fill in the gaps"

So as soon as the neuter singular krzesło enters the frame, the brain will 'hear' what it wants to 'hear'

These things have been well proven in written form as well, for example in experiments where key letters have been swapped or removed and the brain 'replaces' them without us noticing.

So most likely a native would 'hear' niebieskie here cos of the following krzesło.

Unfortunately us learners do not have this advantage


This native thinks that the male audio is clear, but has some doubts about the female one. Maybe my brain is indeed 'fixing' something here...

I also think that clearly said -ki and -kie should be really different.


why does blue say "pl."?


„Niebieskie” could be either plural or neuter singular.

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