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"Nie możesz bawić się moją kamerą."

Translation:You cannot play with my video camera.

February 28, 2016



Is a photography camera a different word?


Yup, that would be "aparat fotograficzny" or shorter "aparat".


I see, if I had only waited a couple of questions. Honestly, the cameras on cell phones have taken over photography in most people's lives so completely, I thought they might not introduce the word. Of course, I suppose they would have left video cameras out too, then.


Is this taken to mean "you are not allowed/permitted"? or "you are incapable..."? If "not permitted" is the case, then "you may not" should be accepted.


There is no context so: You cannot because you are 1000 km away from it or you cannot do it because I don't permit you to do it; are both fine as translation.


I agree with JerryMcCarthy99: may not is a more formal way of saying I don't permit you to do it, so it should not be marked as wrong


OK, added.


Is a camera that can take both photos and videos called aparat or kamera?


"kamera" is a video camera. Nowadays the 'photo cameras' can take good quality videos as well, but still that's "aparat fotograficzny". Well, usually just "aparat" makes it obvious what you mean.


How are you supposed to know whether the camera is video or reflex, is the regular camera the aparat? I just noticed you have the answer from a previous inquiry.


The one you take photos with (yeah, of course those can also record videos) is "aparat fotograficzny", usually "aparat" is enough.

The one designed for recording videos is "kamera".


Is it possible to differentiate between a still camera and a video camera in Polish?


Unless I misunderstand what a "stills camera" is, that would be "aparat fotograficzny" or just "aparat".


I think "you cannot play with my vcr" should be accepted also.


Wikipedia shows that VCR is what we call magnetowid...

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