"Ciemny pokój w jasnym domu"

Translation:A dark room in a bright house

February 29, 2016

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Yes, it's our son's room. He's a goth.


i should write a book and make this the title...


Potential song lyrics, definitely stealing


Why is it dom'u' rather than dom'ie', as i thought after a stem ending 'm' in locative you add the suffix 'ie', or is this an exception to the rule?


Fun fact: Domie used to be an alternative locative form of domu, but it's extremely rare nowadays. You might find it in texts that are written intentionally in an archaic style.

I could find an example in Andrzej Sapkowski's Narrenturm (2002):

W joannickim domie cię nie najdą, a w drodze tamój nie będziesz sam.


Could this be used to refer to a "dark room" like the ones used for developing photographs?


A dark room at a bright house is not right? In another lesson 'moja siostra jest w szkole' if I remember correctly. Which made me think 'w' means 'at'. But perhaps it's not correct English to say at a bright house? Not sure which part is wrong. Thanks!


You're right, the room would be in the house.

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