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  5. "Nie widzę ciemnego ekranu."

"Nie widzę ciemnego ekranu."

Translation:I do not see the dark screen.

February 29, 2016



What would "I can not see a dark screen" be?


Typically with verbs like „widzieć” or „słyszeć” you only negate them to get the meaning of "can't see" or "can't hear", so the exact same sentence as above should work in your case.

If you needed more literal translation you could try something like „Nie mogę zobaczyć ciemnego ekranu”.


Why an animate adjective?


Animate-inanimate distinction is for accusative case, but here we're using genitive, because it's a negation. Genitive and animate accusative look the same, so it might be confusing.


I must have missed the the negative requires a genitive rule. ,perhaps because I use the app which does not display the tip sheet.


isn't nie widze also used as hating or disliking something? ja to nie widze... i hate this


Close. It's „nienawidzę”. That's a separate verb, although a bit similar looking.

Other than that, „to” becomes „tego”, because it's a negative sentence. So you get „Ja tego nienawidzę”. Or if you want to sound more natural, you would drop the personal pronoun for „Nienawidzę tego” (the word order was changed, because it's better not to put object pronouns at the start).

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