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promene vs marchons?

I saw these words on another site. They both mean to walk, right? Is "promene" more like "strolling" or something? what is the difference?>

June 6, 2012



The verbs are "se promener" and "marcher". The first one is reflexive, meaning it is conjugated with a personal reflexive noun in the verb, eg "je me promène, nous nous promenons" etc. "Marcher" is not conjugated in this way, so "je marche", "nous marchons", "vous marchez", etc. The difference is that "marcher" is a general term for walking (and in French we also say things such as "ça marche", literally "that walks", but really this means "That works" or "That's okay.") whereas "se promener" is meant more for when one takes a walk for pleasure. J'espère que ça vous sera utile! À toute à l'heure!

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