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Audio voice not working.

At first I could hear the audio voice that was reading the questions, but then it stopped. Now when I receive a question that asks me to listen and type in Spanish I cannot hear it. Even if I click the audio symbol it does not play. As a result I have to skip these questions and I am marked as wrong and I lose hearts, when clearly this is a problem with the website. I have not changed any of the settings on my pc.

February 18, 2012



I'm having the exact same problem. It just stopped working.


OK, well I found that closing the website and then re-opening it worked for me, the audio worked after that.


I tried everything suggested and nothing worked for me. I usually use Firefox as my browser but when I switched to Chrome it worked like a charm. I understand it also works fine with IE. Now I use Chrome whenever I want to open Duolingo.

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