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  5. "I am looking for my seat."

"I am looking for my seat."

Translation:Я шукаю моє місце.

February 29, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Can someone the difference between Моє and Своє ?


    "Своє " is like "own", so "my own" here. "Моє " means "my". Both are the same here. because in the translation "own" is deleted, because it isn't used in English.


    My instinct is to say Я шукаю своє місце. I would like to hear from a native Ukrainian speaker about this.


    You are right, Я шукаю своє місце would be the best translation. Свій/своє is not covered in the current tree, but it is a good candidate for tree 2.0.

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