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  5. "Dych chi wedi blino?"

"Dych chi wedi blino?"

Translation:Are you tired?

February 29, 2016



Duolingo is sometimes pronouncing blino with a short i sound (like in 'bin') and sometines a long i like 'bleeno'. Is this intentional? I only ever heard the latter pronounciaton before.


As soneone born welsh, we would always say bleeno


Why not ''dych chi'n" wedi blino? Is it because of the W?


Why not ''dych chi'n" wedi blino? Is it because of the W?

wedi fits into the same grammatical "slot" as yn -- if you have one, you can't have the other.


I just thought I'd let you know that the welsh that duolingo is teaching you is from north Wales (Where most people speak welsh rather than English) in South Wales you would say:

" wyt ti'n wedi blino" for "are you tired"


No. See the course notes (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17638579).

Welsh ti and chi are very similar to French 'tu' and 'vous'. Nothing to do with dialect.

ti is used with an individual with whom you are on familiar terms. chi is used with any two or more people or with an individual with whom you are not on familiar terms.

'n/yn and wedi are not used together. See the earlier comment.


Is the di in wedi a hard or a soft di? As in, is it sounded "the" or "Di (as in Didi from Dexter's Laboratory)"?


d has only one sound in Welsh, the same as the d in English do, dead, deed etc. See the videos that we recommend in the course notes - look on the web for 'youtube welshplus pronunciation basics'.


The voiced “th” sound as in “the” is spelled dd in Welsh — wedi has a d which is a normal “d” sound.


Whybis there two words not one... there's only one in English


Welsh is not "English with funny words" -- it has its own way of expressing things.

Sometimes, Welsh uses two words to express something that English would use one word for; sometimes, Welsh uses one word to express something that English would use two words for.

The word order may be different. There may be words which are needed in English that Welsh does not need (e.g. "do" in questions), or there may be words which are needed in Welsh that English does not need (e.g. yn linking two verbs). And so on.

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