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"Hun bruger en osteskærer til at skære osten."

Translation:She is using a cheese slicer to cut the cheese.

February 29, 2016



Some people just want to watch the world burn.

[deactivated user]

    He seems to say ostes-skærer


    What is a cheese slicer in this context? I assumed osteskaerer was a cheese knife as, in England, a cheese slicer is the cheese wire device used in the delicatessen. Do other English speaking nations call the knife with the curved and pronged end a cheese slicer?



    And here it is in action (though a different shape it seems to work in the same way):


    It might be a cheese grater that includes a slicer element (one piece of metal, with or without a plastic/wood surround)

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    It's not a knife nor a wiry thing, it's a cheese slicer :) I don't know how to explain better, maybe it's mostly used here in Scandinavia then?


    No, in the US a cheese slicer is either the wire thing as shown or what we call a cheese plane.


    Should be right, too

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