"Yes, he has been in the shower for an hour now."

Translation:Ie, mae e yn y gawod ers awr erbyn hyn.

February 29, 2016



How does one explain the use of "ie" as "yes" here? Isn't "ie" used in answer to a focused question?

February 29, 2016


Yes. Not really a problem if Duo is asking us to go from Welsh to English, or write down what is being said, but without the context of the question it would not be possible to know that Ie was the required version of 'yes' if we were asked to translate the English into Welsh:

  • Ydy Siôn gartref? Ydy, mae e yn y gawod...

  • Lan llofft mae Siôn? Ie, mae e yn y gawod... (focussed question -> ie)

  • Wnaeth Siôn ddod yn ôl yn saff ar ôl y gêm? Do, ac mae e yn y gawod...

February 29, 2016
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