"C'est totalement faux."

Translation:It is completely false.

January 18, 2013

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the voice sais: fou (crazy) instead od faux (false)


Sorry, she says it correctly. The difference is the same as between "lose" and "lost". If you want to hear them side by side, click here: http://translate.google.fr/?hl=fr&tab=wT#fr/en/fou%2C%20faux


I heard fou. I have been able to distinguish fou and faux when talking with French friends, so I don't think they are like "Lose" and "lost". Was the comparison you were trying to make actually meant to be "Loose" and "Lose"? Because that would make more sense as an example of hard to distiguish words.


You are right, my examples were not good: fou / foot; faux / fought


I don't think, that google translate is a relevant source of correct pronunciation or translation. Faux is pronounced [fo], fou is pronounced [fu]. She says [fu]. And lost [lÉ’st] and lose [lu:z] is something completely different, you can't compare these 2 diffent wovels of 2 different language systems. I studied both French and English phonetics and phonology. If you want to know exactly how something is pronounced I recommend good dictionaries, for French LaRousse or Robert, for English Cambridge.


i also heard 'fou', but i'm hardly an expert.


I think when we get the experience, we will be able to hear it correctly... don't worry about it :)


I'm a native English speaker and I hear "faux" quite clearly, not "fou". If I can tell the difference, so can you. Find a site where you can listen to the two words pronounced and play them over until you are sure you can tell them apart.

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I also heard fou and think I should be able to distinguish fou from faux


Native here and I hear quite clearly that it's faux and not fou, sorry! :) It's sometimes a question of getting used to the sounds in the new language.


I've searched it up, and I can conclude fou and faux are indeed different.

Fou = Foo (makes more emphasis in the last o)

Faux = Foe (less emphasis although pronounced almost indentically)


Even though I also wrote 'fou' I think it sounds correct. I was expecting 'fou' rather than listening properly. To me, 'fou' would have been pronounced shorter and not as long as she says 'faux'


got this at end of lesson. duo just said this whole lesson is false


It is true that this sentence is false. What I wrote also poses as a paradox


politicians: i'm not guilty


Why not it's wholly false?

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