"A girl"


February 29, 2016



I was given a choice between ferch and hogan. Both of these are correct, although I suppose that ferch is less correct because it is mutated? Anyway, I wanted to mark ferch as being another correct answer, but I do not have that option.


ferch or eneth would only be correct for 'a girl' in the context of a phrase or sentence in which merch or geneth needed to be mutated.


Thought hogan was boy?


One mnemonic I've seen to keep hogyn and hogan apart is to remember that Ann is a hogAN.


I will know hogan is a girl next time. hogAN. It was causing me a problem.

  • Hogan - Girl
  • Hogyn - Boy
  • Merch - Girl
  • Bachgen - Boy

It depends on where you are in the country. I was taught merch/bachgen, so I presume those are the southern variants, but I could be wrong.


I missed making a statement on the previous question but I'll post it here! In one place the choice for girl was "hogen" and I knew it was wrong!!


Merch can mean girl or woman south wales and geneth also means girl in north wales?


There are about five main dialect areas, not two, in Wales. There are several different words for 'a girl', some of them generally only used in fairly small areas.

  • hogan is common in many parts of north-west Wales.
  • geneth is common in many parts of north-west, north-east and mid-Wales.
  • merch is common in much of the rest of Wales for 'girl' and all over Wales for 'daughter'.
  • crotes, crotyn, rhoces, llances, lodes and maybe a couple of others are less widespread nowadays, perhaps.

The geographical dialects have large areas of overlap.


Listen, I've always been taught that hogan is girl and hogyn is boy. Some questions accepts hogan and some don't. Lost the module at the last question because I'm getting told different things here. Hardly fair.

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