"Kocham tradycyjne polskie jedzenie!"

Translation:I love traditional Polish food!

February 29, 2016

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What about I love traditional Polish cuisine?


Out of interest I looked up how cuisine would translate, but could not find a definitive/certain response. Only for “cold/warm cuisine” (Kalte/Warme Küche — cold/ warm dishes), I could find the term “dania na gorąc/zimno”, but I think this is rather an idiom than a fixed terminology to translate to the French cuisine.


I don't see a problem with accpting 'cuisine' in this context. Added now.

If I had to translate "traditional Polish cuisine", I'd go for either "tradycyjna polska kuchnia", "tradycyjna kuchnia polska" or "polska kuchnia tradycyjna".


I was hesitant to translate cuisine simply as kuchnia as it would be a literal translation, which may not have fit the context. In German, we simply transferred the cuisine exactly, with haute cuisine being a predicate of noble quality in cooking.

But if you say that this literal translation matched the meaning, I will note it down. Thanks a lot!


Yes, "kuchnia" + a feminine adjective for the country (or region, or something else) is actually a basic way of saying that, in fact I'd consider it a lot more natural than "polskie jedzenie" here.


Also tried "cuisine" and didn't work. Can someone explain?


so like pierogi


Yes. And piernik [gingerbread].


Sure don't love making it though, it takes 2000 years to make pierogi lol.


I love Polish traditional food - not accepted. Why?


When I asked a native speaker about it, the answer was: "If you're contrasting it with 'German traditional food' yes. Otherwise it feels uncomfortable".

So I guess we could use "polskie tradycyjne jedzenie" the same way. Maybe let's keep those separate.

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