"I do not like these situations."

Vertaling:Ik houd niet van deze situaties.

February 29, 2016

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Situations = toestanden


Toestanden en situaties zijn synoniemen


Yes: toestanden. Did you report this using the button? Only then will you bring this to the attention of moderators!

The first translation offered by Duo must be "toestanden"; it's an existing and widely used Dutch word! By offering the easiest words or sentences as the first translation, native English speakers actually learn "nothing" new (except for the somewhat different American English), and the non-native English speakers learn (American) English instead of Dutch! E.g.: I'm glad that Duo first offered "ointment" for the Dutch word "zalf"; for me as a Dutch that's more difficult than the Dutch-like "salve", but I did learn the (probably often used word in English) "ointment"!

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