to level 3 Spanish in 1/2 day

I just wanted to share with everyone, that I started Spanish, this afternoon and just managed to get to level 3 before midnight! (5 mins to spare.)

What a lovely language it is. To think I've been more or less ignorant of it for so many years. (Yes I know the use of the word ignorant is horrible - ungrammatic?)

But having been trying to learn Italian (which is absolutely beautiful) and French (I still remember a bit of schoolboy stuff) Spanish slots in nicely.

Buenas noches, buonanotte, bonne nuit and goodnight

4 years ago

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Congratulations! Keep learning them c: But as Luca Lampariello says (he's a polyglot), learning two similar languages at the same time is somewhat a bad idea (i.e. Spanish and Italian) due to the fact that your brain may confuse some of the words you've learned. I recommend that you focus your learning in one language first, and then, learn the second one; But that's just a suggestion, if you feel confident learning that way, then keep doing it :D

I'd like to learn French, but I'll do it after I feel confident with my Italian.

4 years ago

You and Luca are spot on. I found learning 2 languages simultaneously, confusing, several months ago. I was dedicated to learning Italian, but thought I'd pick up on French too. That was just before I started using DL, in conjunction with other stuff. But I have to admit DL has become my daily practice (addiction.) I was getting myself tied in knots.

Possibly the hardest thing to get over were definite articles (which should be simple!) but the temptation to write 'il' for 'the ' instead of 'le ' (and now 'el') was powerful.

it doesn't help that 'le' in Italian is feminine plural, and masculine singular in French. lol. and of course, Spanish gives me brand new opportunities to make a mess. (fare una frittata)

And, of course it's the same with Spanish! DL gives something simple to translate, like 'the girl' and my brain automatically goes 'la ragazza' (Italian), 'la fille' (French) and back to English (the girl) and then I write 'la nina' (can't get the accent over the n)

But I am really enjoying the Spanish. I will never be a polyglot. Some people are naturals, with languages. I'm not (or wasn't one of them) BUT I am starting to find things a little easier, hence my post. If I do start getting muddled French and Spanish will go on hold. So your advice has been most welcome. Grazie e gracias.

4 years ago
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