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"The king"

Translation:Der König

January 18, 2013



For anyone with Advanced knowledge of German hoping to learn more, I recommend this story. Took me a while to get the gist of it.



I am curious: when Germans use the letter "q"? I have not seen any word with this letter, yet. They use only "g". Are there any word in German with this letter "q"?. And one more question: what means the name of historical german city Königsberg.


Königsberg literally translates to King's mountain. But since it's a historic name, it might still have some other, archaic meaning I'm not aware of.

I don't think there's any originally german word with 'Q' alone, most of them are using 'qu', which is pronounced 'kw' and therefor very different from 'g'. Apart from that, there are quite a few words with q! Quecksilber (mercury), Qualle (jellyfish), Qual (torment/torture), Quelle (Source), quer (crosswise, diagonaly), Quark (curd) and so on. I just can't find any at the moment, where 'qu' isn't the beginning Edit: I found some. Requisit, Requiem, Sequenz. Well, then there certainly are many more.


According to the German Wikipedia, the "König" in "Königsberg" is King Ottokar II of Bohemia (a crusader).


Die Quote (-n) is a word with the letter q.


Hmmmmm, und der König kommt nicht aus Deutschland???

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