"Sorry, but I want to listen to this."

Translation:Sori, ond dw i eisiau wrando ar hyn.

February 29, 2016

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Anyone know why gwrando gets mutated here? I use moyn so not sure of the rules with eisiau, but it would be 'moyn gwrando' not 'moyn wrando'.


There is no reason for gwrando to be mutated after either dw i eisiau... or dw i'n moyn.... Just report it as an error if it pops up again.


There are quite a few variations on dw i in common colloquial use: dw i; wi; dwi; rwy i; rydw i; wy; ... Which one is used varies by region and often also by age group, situation and so on. dw i is widely taught as a simple standard as it is understood by all speakers of Welsh even if they usually use something different themselves.

yr wyf; rwyf; rwyf i/fi; are also in common use in formal or semi-formal writing (essays and academic writing, and some media articles, for example) and in formal or semi-formal speech in presentations and meetings.


This is beginning to sound like Irish and all of its differences between the various Gaeltachtai. Which actually brings up another question I had about Welsh: is there a Welsh word for a Welsh-speaking region, an equivalent to Gaeltacht?


Yep "Y Fro Cymraeg" is used for the Welsh speaking regions, but it doesn't have any official recognition like the Gaeltachtai


I believe Y Fro Gymraeg is used for the heartland regions.


The formal form of "dw"

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