"Ти їла котлету з кетчупом на обід?"

Translation:Did you eat a cutlet with ketchup for lunch?

February 29, 2016

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I don't think the indefinite article 'a' is mandatory here, and "Did you eat cutlet with ketchup for lunch" should also be accepted.


I also replied without "a" and it was rejected. Cutlet can be uncountable: https://www.dictionaryfocus.com/?action=definition&word=cutlet


How to say to eat cutlets in plural?


Did you eat X for lunch is not natural English, just a direct translation from the Ukrainian. Native speakers would always say Did you have X for lunch.

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Is ketchup really eaten with meat in Ukraine? And if so, is it a new (modern) thing or is it much older than the American ketchup? By ketchup, I mean the tomato sauce with LOTS of sugar in it. NOTE: I am aware that the word itself goes way back to Chinese... Thank you.


yep, it's common to eat everything with ketchup here


No it isn't, somebody do really eat it, but it isn't common. I from there, so I know. 4 year to wait for correct answer XD

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