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Jeg klarte det! (The obligatory "I finished the tree" post)

I feel a bit weird sharing this with you all, but I am so happy for myself that I had to :) I picked Norwegian exactly 226 days ago, just for fun and kept the every day streak until this day. The thing itself surprises me, as I went to Duolingo just to dust off my German, but I had to choose something else as well, to keep me motivated (as I knew that I would lose motivation seeing how much German I have forgotten). Seeing there is no Finnish course yet, I got with another Nordic choice, not knowing if I won't give up really soon.

And here I am, at the finished tree which still needs some time to get fully golden. It was not always easy, I confused the spelling with English or German so many times and given that English is not my native language either, it was really frustrating knowing the meaning of the sentence but messing the English translation :)

I am far from confident speaking the language, but I keep practicing reading (and in lesser amount, listening, as I am yet to discover things to watch which will keep me interested) and I see I can already understand quite a lot. (German and English are pretty helpful at this, though).

So I will end my long (boring?) speech with a big thank you to the Duolingo team, who somehow helped me to discover great language I never have seriously considered learning before and I hope that my interest won't fade as time progresses.

P.S.: sorry for any typos I could have done, it's almost midnight in there and I am too tired and excited to notice them anymore :)

February 29, 2016



Congratulations on finishing your Norwegian tree. Your English language ability is excellent, out of curiosity what is your native language? What are your future language plans regarding DL?


Thank you! I am Slovak, but as it is small language, I keep in touch with English every day when I read/watch anything on the internet, but sometimes I mess up the sentence constructions and prepositions due to all languages I've been learning :) I want to make my both trees golden, there should be Norwegian 2.0 soon so maybe finish that afterwards and maybe try out more of the German immersion. And stay away from learning new languages, as I used to (especially when I was younger) start several languages at once and then abadoning them because I was too lazy to pay too much attention to them - now it is much more important to me to improve these I am learning more or less seriously.

And I am waiting for Finnish tree to appear. I've learned it and I am on some pre-intermediate/intermediate level with it but more practice can only be useful :)

(The main goal is to recommend it to as many friends as I can, though - already introduced it to my dad and he really enjoys it, which makes me happy)


Thank you for sharing. A Lingot for you!


Congratulations for finishing the Norwegian tree, my needs still some work to finish :) I am in similar position, I also started with Duolingo to refresh my rusty German and to progress more in it than I had during school time long ago. Then I started also Norwegian for a change. I am keeping my German golden and progressing through the Norwegian one. Working on both languages also polishes my English skills too, I second that too :)

However I had already given up on Finnish, seems too hard and too different from any other language. After Norwegian I am going on Swedish and Danish. Btw I am Slovak too :)


Thank you! Sometimes I think that getting the English part correctly is the hardest :)

The fact Finnish is different from any other languages (Apart from Estonian and maybe Karelian and Sami languages) is the hardest while learning it, I can second to that :) However I went too far to just giving up now.

Good luck with not mixing Swedish and Danish with Norwegian, as they are really similar :)



It's always inspiring and motivating to see someone finishing the Norwegian tree.


Yeeee :D Welcome to the golden owl club

I've started to just put nrk radio on the background while doing other things (like cooking or cleaning) and a little bit of it every day definitely puts my brain in the right direction, even if I'm not making a conscious effort to focus on listening to it. It helps a lot with getting an intuition for the intonations in speech, which Duo's robot is pretty lacking in. Haven't found something that I really enjoy watching either. The selection of things with English subtitles is rather limited, but if I can comfortably follow Norwegian subtitles then there's a lot more, so I'm cool to focus more in reading right now.

If you find your interest decreasing and need a boost then just make a shout on here and we'll all come to motivate you :D


Thanks a lot! I tried watching some cartoons on youtube, but it can't keep me interested for a long time.

I think there is no risk losing interest in the near future, but it may come eventually, thus thank you! :)


I have a similar story, coming to duolingo to brush up on my school French. I finished that tree a while ago and am now very close to doing the same with the Norwegian one - just in time for tree 2.0 to be tackled!.


Thanks :) I am really expecting 2.0 really soon so it has the same story as my German - I finished the tree and only a few days later the new version appeared and I had to earn my golden owl again :D


Gratulerer! I get what you mean about feeling weird about sharing but it is, as you say, obligatory ;) One day we will have that Finnish course...until then, good luck with whatever else you do!


Belated congratulations from me as well!

Tackling a third language through your second is most impressive. :)


congratulations! how do you compare german and norwegian courses? I tried to begin the german course few days ago (just out of curiosity, I'm not quite motivated in learning german) and I found it overly complex


Well, the German one is now really complex, as there were many lessons added recently, but I don't think it is a bad thing, even though it can discourage a little on the beginning. The issue I had with it is that the sentences are far less interesting. I really enjoy all these random sentences as they help me to remember things better and I felt German lacks these compared to Norwegian. (Or maybe I am just far away from German mentality, as I find all German learning resources more boring than similar in other languages. Maybe it's just me though)


Gratulerer !! Is the finished Norwegian tree around B1 level? I also plan to finish that. But 11K+ points are too many. (11K=50x220) So, even with a rate of 50XP per day, one needs 220 days, that's almost 8 months. And 50 XP points need the "Crazy" level. That's too much of a commitment for leisure learning, so unless one has either business or partner there, it's just so much crammed knowledge. Even if Norwegian lies inside the North-Germanic language branch and it's considered a "friendly" language for English speakers, there are still many tough nuances in Norwegian, and so many variations considering all the regional dialects. I also wonder if there will ever be an additional Nynorsk course in Duolingo.


Takk! I am not sure about the language level, I've noticed I can understand the main points of articles I am reading (how much depends of the difficulty and my will to concentrate at that given moment), but listening is still pretty bad (you know, the real language is a little different from the Duolingo lady). I've never felt confident enough to try write anything apart from several sentences and I am not sure about my talking skills. I will need to find the confidence to find someone to talk to and try it :) yeh, I usually tried to keep it on about 50XP every day, but it was fun, so I don't regret a bit of that time. So far I've seen on discussions, they are planning to put some basic Nynorsk as a bonus skill, not sure about the whole course.


thanks for the info !! Lykke til

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