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Danish bands that sing in Danish

Since i'm learning Danish, i'd like to practice my listening by hearing Danish music(that sing in danish). I've checked some bands from denmark out, but sadly, most sing in english. The only band I found was a group called Stoffer og Maskinen, they are very good, and I'm able to understand a lot of what they say! :) Any music suggestions? Thanks.

March 1, 2016



This discussion has a lot of recommendations as well:



Rasmus Seebach makes great pop songs and it's easy to hear what he is singing. He is one of the most popular Danish singers right now.

I have a Spotify playlist here with very many nice Danish songs. You are welcome to follow it, it will also be updated once in a while: https://play.spotify.com/user/113268946/playlist/7dMmregDtmSMjKxhX1knEG


Love Burhan G! My favorites are Tættere På Himlen, Jeg' I Live, Søvnløs Tag Hvad Du Vil, Mest Ondt ft Medina. Also like a few songs from Nik & Jay: Udødelige and Gi' Mig Dine Tanker. One from Rasmus Thude - Til Månen & Tilbage. Just what I've found so far that I've liked... =]


I'd recommend Kim Larsen, he has some fun lyrics, f.ex Køb Bananer ;) Let me know what you think of him :) The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6EUo7Yz81I


I love Boom Clap Bachelors! That's my recommendation. Some songs: Tiden Flyver, Løb stop stå, Falder ind og falder ud, Combiner. It is suuuch a shame that they're not active anymore, but Coco O. (vocals in Løb stop stå) is still making music (albeit in English :\).

Just for fun, here's Nitten by Thomas Holm. He sings more clearly than BCB, so that might help. Some interesting vocab in that song...

You are right, though; most of the ones I can think of sing in English. Booo.


If you like Rock music then you can check out Nephew (sorry, I don't know how to put links in here, but'll find them on Youtube). They mostly sing in Danish or Danish and English and only very few songs are only in English. I like them very much and I own two albums so far. My favorite songs are "Hjertestarter" and "Gå med dig".

Also very nice is "Panamah". Check out the songs "Tag hvad du kan få" or "Børn af natten". As far as I know they only sing in Danish.

Always a good source for Danish music is this radio station: http://www.radioplay.dk/radio100

Sadly they don't play Danish music all the time but you'll get to hear Danish-singing bands from time to time.

Have fun! :)


Hi, try Burhan G, his songs are primarily in Danish, personal favourites are Søvnløs og Din for Evigt. I have a few of his albums.


These three ladies are Danish, Swedish and Norwegian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_dqdcofoA0

I've read about this in the SATW comic:)


I like the Danish psychedelic rock band Alrune Rod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=196VdF-43AA


Sandstorm by Rasmus Seebach


Hi! another danish learner here.

It's not really a band, but I really suggest you to hear bjornskov. My favorite song of him is Usynlig. There's also lyric version available on youtube :)

anyway, I find it really hard to listen in Danish :( How could you do that?


I'm more of a lyrical person, i focus a lot on what they're saying in the song. :) when i hear a danish song, i write out what I hear and then as i listen to the song and learn new words, i fix the mistakes and make sure it makes sense on my paper


Ow, that's amazing. I still struggled a lot to differentiate even "tallerkenen" and "tallerken." Thanks for your tips though, will try to do that :D


I know this is very late, but I recommend Volbeat. They mainly sing in English, but the chorus of their song For Evigt is in Danish, and they also have a fully English version if you want a rough translation


Not a band, but i recently discovered two songs that i really like! :) They are called blå himmel and jeg føler mig 100. Blå Himmel is a song by KESI and Hans Philip, jeg føler mig 100 is by andreas odbjerg. Another song I found that is also by andreas odbjerg is called omvendt. Okayyy, that were some recommendations :) I have to say it is pretty hard to find good danish songs

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