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Sync problems. Android bug?

I completed two lessons yesterday on my phone and to my surprise, the streak was gone with 0 points yesterday.

I opened Duolingo on my phone and went to the main screen (list over modules) and voilà, my points got updated. But the points was added for today and not yesterday, thus losing the streak.

So, do one have to go to the "main screen" for the app to sync the stats, or was I just unlucky (network error)?

December 29, 2013



Hi mate, I just experienced the same thing whereby I completed an offline lesson on my android phone (no internet in the mountains) and when I came back, I realised on the web that my streak had vanished. Have you had any success finding a cure for this?


I don't think so. My best tip is to always get a "streak freeze", but that doesn't fix the underlying problem ofcourse.

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