"Nie potrzebuję leczenia."

Translation:I do not need treatment.

March 1, 2016

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Nie wymagam leczenia / Nie muszę się leczyć -
I do not require treatment/ I do not need therapy


Added "nie wymagam", but I think that "Nie muszę się leczyć" may be a bit too far from our original sentence.


What about "I do not need healing", or maybe ".... a healing" or ".... to heal"?


So I asked around, and: added "healing", but I was told that "a healing" sounds like "a faith healing", and "to heal" doesn't mention the fact that I need more than just time (help, medicine) to become healed.


'Treatment' and 'healing' are two different things. Treatment should usually lead to healing, but one could also say "I don't need any treatment for my healing". It wouldn't make sense to translate both to 'leczenie'.


They obviously aren't the same, but I'd say they overlap a bit and in a proper context they could be translated the same.

The closest thing to your English sense that would make some sense to me is "Nie potrzebuję leczenia do wyleczenia się". So "treatment" would be considered a process of 'being treated', and "healing" is perfective. We add "się" because it's about "I" and "my" healing, not me healing someone else.


I'd consider "healing" to be a process inside the body that may be affected by some treatment, but doesn't have to be. The best translation for "healing" seems to be "gojenie".


"rany" (wounds) się goją. And similar things. It doesn't apply to ilnesses.


I think the original meaning of "healing" also refers to wounds, but yes, it's used more widely now...


" medication " is not fit to "leczenie?"

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